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A Caucasian Soumak with large repeating medallions of traditional Soumak design. It has a stunning colour palette and subtle abrash (colour variation) that is characteristic of rugs that were dyed with organic vegetable dyes. This rug will undoubtedly be the crowning glory of the room it ends up in. 

Soumak rugs are made using a flat weave technique (rather than a knotting technique) and come from the Caucases region. Most are Azeri in origin. Soumak rugs are known for their bright colours and geometric patterns. They are notable for their repeating centre medallions. The Soumak flat weave technique is similar to the technique that is used to make kilims. However, the Soumak technique produces rugs that are significantly stronger and more durable than kilims. Soumak rugs have unclipped yarns on the reverse side.

This rug is in excellent condition with even wear consistent with age.

Age: 60 years old
Size: 6’9‘’ x 9’11‘’ (205 cm x 300 cm)
Material: Wool on a wool foundation
Style: Flatwoven by hand
Type: Caucasian Soumak
Stock Number: 23172
Pantone Palette: Parachute Purple, Pureed Pumpkin, Gargoyle, Flint Gray, Desert Rose