At Rise Home Collection, we have the simple aim of ensuring that vintage, handmade rugs fulfil the purpose they were intended for: to be beautiful heirlooms that witness and withstand the ebb and flow of daily life and get passed down to future generations.

At our core, we are passionate about bringing transparency to an industry that can sometimes seem shrouded in mystery. Our goal is to make heirloom quality rugs accessible at fair pricing, so that our customers can feel confident and excited when buying an amazing design element for their home. 

We believe that any rug can transform the aesthetic of a space, but it takes an old rug to bring soul to a space. Our rugs have a timeless quality, look beautiful in any space and fit with any design style, be it traditional, contemporary or mid-century modern.

We believe that antique and vintage home décor has a huge part to play in the strive for a sustainable future. If we find a rug or textile that we love but cannot repair, we repurpose it in to something else, like an ottoman, a cushion or a Christmas stocking.