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A rare size Persian Bakhtiari with the most gorgeous sand, soft pink and midnight blue palette.

This rug has a lattice of delicate, bell-shaped compartments filled with changing pastoral scenes of impressive variety. Decorative cypress tree and peacock motifs are present throughout the rug, symbolising eternal life and nobility. 

Bakhtiari rugs are among the more intriguing and distinct styles of Persian rugs. They are made of very strong wool and are beaten very hard, which makes them thick and solid. They are considered to be among the most durable of Persian rugs. 

An oversized Bakhtiari like this was a group effort among numerous weavers, dyers, and other craftsmen. A rug this size commonly took up to six years to complete due to the complexity of the designs and the size. These weavers met their artistic challenges without modern equipment and conveniences, which makes their achievements even more impressive.

This rug is in excellent condition with even wear consistent with age and low pile.

Age: 80 years old
Size: 11'x 13'10'' (334cm x 420cm)
Material: Wool on a cotton foundation
Style: Handknotted
Type: Persian Bakhtiari
Stock Number: 43250
Pantone Palette: Crystal Pink, Poseidon, Whitecap Gray