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An antique rug from the famous Turkish city of Konya. It has sought-after olive tones and accents of exotic red. A medallion in the shape of a chest sits proudly in the centre of the rug, symbolising a dowry. The chest contains further motifs such as the tree of life, which symbolises eternal life and the evil eye motif, which is believed to provide protection from evil forces. This rug would have been woven to celebrate a wedding and for use in the marital home. 

This rug's wool-on-wool construction makes it extra soft and cosy.

This rug is in very good condition and has a medium level of wear, consistent with its age.

Age: 80 years old
Size: 3’4‘’ x 5‘’11 (101 cm x 180 cm)
Material: Wool on a wool foundation
Style: Handknotted
Type: Turkish Konya
Stock Number: 42557
Pantone Palette: Russet, Turtle Green, Latte, Willow, Tango Red, Fog, Green Suphur