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An antique Persian Josheghan with an intricate design and delicate colours. It has a lonzenge (diamond) shaped medallion that is typical of Josheghan rugs and repeating tree of life motifs, symbolising eternal life. This rug has beautiful and subtle abrash (colour variation) that is characteristic of rugs that were dyed using organic plant dyes.

Joseghan is a village in north central Iran that is known for weaving rugs of exceptionally high quality. Josheghan rugs are tightly woven and have a high knot count. They are famous for their diamond shaped medallions made up of smaller, more intricate diamonds.

This rug is in excellent condition with even wear consistent with age and low pile.

Age: 80 years old
Size: 4'5'' x 7'2'' (134cm x 218cm)
Material: Wool on a cotton foundation
Style: Handknotted
Type: Persian Josheghan
Stock Number: 43027
Pantone Palette: Bridal Rose, Rugby Tan, Bluejay