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A very rare Turkish Hereke rug in traditional Hereke colours and with a sought-after boteh (paisley) motif. The boteh symbolises fertility and prosperity.

The town of Hereke in Turkey is world famous for making rugs of the very highest quality. Hereke carpets are, quite simply, the pride of Turkey. Hereke has been at the leading edge of hand knotted carpet production since 1843, when the Ottoman Sultan ordered the best carpet weavers and artists in Turkey to gather there to make carpets for Ottoman palaces.  Woven using a Turkish knotting technique, Hereke rugs are incredibly durabable and have a very high knot count.

Age: 60 years old

Size: 6’5‘’ x 10’2‘’ (196 cm x 309 cm)
Material: Wool on a cotton foundation
Style: Handknotted
Type: Turkish Hereke
Stock Number: 43618