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A Persian Heriz with unusual earthy tones. This rug has a large medallion of traditional Heriz design and emphatic geometric patterns, including repeating ram’s horn motifs that symbolise masculinity and power. The predominant colours are browns and earthy pinks and accent colours include beautiful honey beige, blue and green.

Heriz is a village on the slopes of snow-capped Mount Sabalan in northwestern Iran. Heriz rugs remain the most popular of all northwestern Persian rugs and are regarded as exceptionally durable. Part of the reason for this is because Mount Sabalan sits on a major deposit of copper. The drinking water contains traces of copper which is consumed by the sheep, resulting in wool of unmatched strength.

This rug is in excellent condition with even wear consistent with age and low pile.

Age: 50 years old
Size: 8’2‘’ x 11’ (247 cm x 335 cm)
Material: Wool on a cotton foundation
Style: Handknotted
Type: Persian Heriz
Stock Number: 43236

Pantone Palette: Bison, Blue Mirage, Cork, Comfrey, Blue Indigo, Honey Peach, Mustang, Dusty Rose