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A Persian Tabriz of exceptional beauty. This rug has romantic floral motifs and a beautiful palette of crystal pink and light mahogany. The swirling motifs are balanced perfectly by the large scale of the design. Pops of blue add punctuation and originality to the soft palette.

Situated in northwestern Iran, Tabriz is the fourth largest city in the country. Tabriz rugs are known for their high knot count, tight weaving technique and soft wool.

This rug is in excellent condition with even wear consistent with age and low pile.

Age: 70 years old
Size: 2’8‘’ x 15’6‘’ (79 cm x 471 cm)
Material: Wool on a cotton foundation
Style: Handknotted
Type: Persian Tabriz
Stock Number: 43506
Pantone Palette: Crystal Pink, Potpourri, Light Mahogany, Raw Umber, Indigo Bunting, Blue Quartz