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Say Hello to A New Trend: Biophilic Design!

Biophilic Design is a new approach used within the design industry to address our need to connect with nature and to create a natural-feeling habitat in the buildings we exist in. 

In a world where the link between people and nature is damaged because of city life, demanding work environments and lack of accessibility to nature, Biophilic Design restores harmony and feels like a breath of fresh air.

The term ‘Biophilic Design’ dates back to the 1970s and has been used by a number of psychoanalysts, biologists, criminologists and architects since then. Our favourite definition of ‘Biophilic Design’ comes from environmental psychologist Stephen R. Kellert, who underlined that it is a way to describe that humans have an innate affinity for nature and natural systems. He pointed out that nature, plants and the natural environment have been crucial to our survival in human history. That’s why we feel more relaxed and comfortable amongst natural elements.


Singapore – City in a Garden

Our instinct for Biophilic Design can be attributed to evolution.

Methods for incorporating natural elements into design vary. However, the target is always certain: to change the space through the use of natural elements and to thereby improve public wellbeing.

Babylon - Hanging Gardens

The idea is not new and was being deployed as far back as the days of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But today there is a fresh perspective and an even more urgent need for Biophilic Design: the transformative effect of natural resources creates a particular sense of harmony in the context of contemporary architecture, high technology and urban planning. Most importantly, it provides what a human soul needs!

 One fact is crystal clear:
The involvement of architects and designers in the Biophilic Design domain is a real game-changer!
Let’s have a look at how you can incorporate Biophilic Design into your daily life.

Biophilic Design can be easily scaled from one single room to a city-scale project. It is a unique way to deliver purified air, beauty and a visual connection with the outdoors to your space. It is a popular concept – and a challenge at the same time – for designers, who find creative solutions to bring natural elements into your living room.

1. Indoor Urban Garden Vibes

One way to bring nature into your home is by incorporating plants into your decor. Plants can purify the air, have a soul-nourishing effect and add freshness into our homes. Their textures, colours, forms and shapes can eradicate the feeling of “Something is missing in this room!” Plants are also design-balancing elements that create focal points.Their colours vary, but green is of course the most common colour.

 Indoor Urban Gardens allow you to use bold vintage rugs!

Your interior garden will create a green focal point that enables you to use red, pink, navy, and brown to create colour harmony and thereby improve the mood and feel of the room. Green is such a versatile colour and gives life to so many other colours! If it’s tricky to visualize and you are willing to be bold, have a look at the incredibly beautiful rooms below!

2. As Art

Does it sound strange to use plants “As Art”? If you haven’t heard, gallery walls that consist of framed photos are “out” but creating a gallery wall with living-plants is the new black! If you have not tried yet, we strongly suggest you choose your favourite wildflowers and photos of you in the outdoors or of something that connects you with the outdoors and mix them on a wall!

     Bermuda Triangle: Gallery Walls, Narrow Corridors and Vintage Runners

    Let us simplify the scariest triangle! Find your favourite hanging vases or frames, succulent or moss artwork, and combine them with your own personal memories that you can frame or hang on the wall. Keep the sizes, textures and shapes varied and interesting. Use earth toned vintage rugs as a finishing touch or go bold with reds and blues to create a dramatic effect!

    3. Utmost Personalisation

    Biophilic Design has no limit when it comes to personalization and is a very broad and forgiving trend. The sky is the limit when it comes to adorning your space with living plants and other natural textures, colours, and shapes. Feel free to experiment and express yourself!

     Manifest Yourself In Your Choices

    The only tricky part of the personalisation process is cultivatating the calming qualities of Biophilic Design. This is best done by mixing materials such as wood, leather, stone and handmade wool rugs with organic tones. The calming effect of mixing a number of natural textures cannot be underestimated!