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7 Reasons to Buy a Vintage Rug

Whether you’ve bought a new property or are ready to make some changes in your existing home, decorating is an exciting and very satisfying experience. It’s also a process through which you should feel empowered to make choices that are well researched and feel right for you.

If you’re considering purchasing a vintage rug, here’s a round-up of why they’re preferrable to other alternatives on the market.

Grab yourself a coffee and let's get to it!

Pictured above, our "Lulu" mini rug

1. They last forever

Vintage rugs were handmade using strong, natural materials and centuries- old weaving traditions. They were made in traditional settings, like rural villages and the tents of nomadic tribes, for use in those settings. In those environments, everything was built to last and to serve a purpose. Each rug was made with the intention that it would be passed down from generation to generation.

Research has shown that handmade rugs outlive modern machine-made rugs by at least eighty years, despite the fact that most machine-made rugs contain plastics.  Put simply, they don’t make ‘em like they used to!

2. They’re extremely versatile

Vintage rugs transcend time and space. They imbue timeless elegance into any room and look fantastic with any design style.

If you’re designing a room from scratch, they basically hand you a room colour palette on a platter- just choose a rug you love and pick up its accent colours throughout the rest of the room.

Vintage rugs effortlessly brighten a room, anchor furniture and add both visual and literal warmth.

3. They’re rich in history and meaning

Modern machine-made rugs have no more of a story than being processed in a factory. Conversely, every vintage rug comes with its own history. If they could speak, they would be able to tell you about the women who spent months making them, who has walked over them, where they have been and what they have seen.

Vintage rugs contain a plethora of motifs and each motif has a meaning, from the ram’s horn that symbolises power and masculinity to lotus flowers that symbolise immortality. They provide owners with a story right on their living room floor.

Now it’s your chance to shape a rug’s next few chapters, to put one in your home and have people walk on it for generations to come!

Pictured above, our "Hettie" rug with its ram's horn, lotus flower and scorpion motifs

4. They’re low maintenance

Perhaps the biggest myth about vintage rugs is that they are delicate and difficult to clean. In fact, the opposite is true. Vintage rugs were built to be extremely durable and were made for homes that were probably less sanitary than the homes we live in today. They are absolutely suitable for use in high-traffic, family homes.

Lanolin, an oil found in wool, is naturally stain resistant. Spillages can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent like Woolite. If you’re particularly accident prone or plan to use the rug under your dining table, you can always opt for brown, green or rust tones.

5. Each one is unique

Modern machine-made rugs do little to add character and charm to a room. In contrast, vintage rugs carry a human stamp. Made by human hands and using natural materials, they have a raw and imperfect quality that brings depth, soul and visual intrigue. These imperfections give the rugs unique personality and there’s undeniable appeal in knowing you won’t see your vintage rug anywhere else.

Vintage rugs only get better with time. They may fade slightly with use, but it creates the most beautiful patina. Getting older and a little timeworn only makes vintage rugs more unique and charming. We have yet to find a machine-made rug that looks more charming with age!

6. They’re organic and warm

Modern machine-made rugs are made using polyester and other harmful manmade substances. Vintage rugs are made using wool and dyes made from natural plant and vegetable dyes, making them an organic and considerably safer option.

Only the highest quality wool was used to make vintage rugs, which means they provide considerably more warmth in cold weather than their modern counterparts. It’s time to save some money on your heating bill!

Pictured above, our "Evelyn" runner 

7. They’re a sustainable option

Last but certainly not least, buying antique and vintage furniture and décor has an important part to play in our strive for a sustainable future.

Rather than spending money on a newly produced rug of lower quality, buy a rug that already exists and that has vastly more meaning and history.

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